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Monday 19th and 26th – Street Band 

Come join the fun and be part of our Festival Street Band! Take part in parades and events.

Learn drumming & percussion in workshops leading towards performances using a mix of Samba, African and South Asian rhythms
Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome.


Sessions for adults and young people over 13 (by arrangement).

Wednesday 21st, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th

Come and join Gil Burns to create dance and movement pieces for the parade.
Think moving Flash Mob in parade costumes!
This is a great fun way to be involved in the parade. No experience of dance is needed (it’s really designed to suit everyone’s abilities).
You need to attend 3 sessions out of 6 to really be prepared for the parade- get in touch if you really want to join in but are struggling to make 3 sessions. 
No need to book, just turn up!

Be one of our Guardian and Protectors looking after the planet. This group will be representing Lancashire’s Famous Knitting Nanas !


Be a baddie – every parade needs some! This group will be chainsaw wielding maniacs trying to chop down the trees. Add a little mayhem and be prepared to be booed at!
All for fun of course…

Workshops are free to attend, donations welcome. Children must be accompanied at all time. Ability to attend the parade on the afternoon 1st September is essential.

Costume making session for dancer on Tuesday 27th before/ after the dance session.

Themed Costume Making

Tuesday 20th, Weds 21st, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August

Come and make yourself costumes for the parade!

Trees, Plants and Nature Spirits.
Join the Beech Leaf  and Sycamore Warriors, or make a beautiful Bluebell costume. Bluebells are  a protected British Wildflower – did you know that from the time the seed  falls and  germinates to flowering normally takes about five years as the plant first has to grow a bulb.

Guardians and Protectors – help create hope for the future – make an eco- energy costume, a Robin Hood outfit,  or join the youth climate strikers in calling for action on Climate Change with a Greta Thunberg outfit!

Greta Thunberg is a young Swedish girl who has been ‘skipping’ school to protest about adults not taking action on Climate Change. She has started a Global Climate Strike movement of children and young people calling for governments and adults to take action to save their futures.  She is currently sailing to America for a conference as she won’t fly due to the high carbon emissions caused by planes.


Extinct and Endangered Species- We’ll be creating Orangutans, Crayfish and Hedgehog costumes from fabric and cardboard.
Orangutans are in the top 10 most endangered creatures list, as their habitats are being destroyed at a rapid rate due to the increased demand for palm oil, which is grown as a cash crop after companies have cleared the rainforests from the land. You can help by avoiding buying things with palm oil in.

Workshops are free to attend, donations welcome. Children must be accompanied at all time. These are messy activities. Ability to attend the parade on the afternoon 1st September is essential.

Stilt Walking and Circus Skills

Thursday 22nd, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, Friday 30th, Saturday 31st

Join Dimitri, who will teach you some great circus skills that work in a moving parade, or teach you how to walk on stilts!

3.15-5.15pm Circus Skills
Learn poi, clubs and hula hooping skills and join our circus troupe for performance in the parade! Not just for kids!
Costume making session Thursday 29th August time TBC

5.30-7.30pm Stilt Walking 

Be the tallest people in the parade! Learn to stilt walk and wow everyone! Tall tree costume making for stilt walkers on Thursday 29th time TBC.
You need to attend 5 sessions out of 6 to really be prepared for the parade as these are skills that take some practice. 
Stilt walkers will need a support person for the first 2 sessions and the parade itself.
Please book, as places are limited!

Workshops are free to attend, donations welcome. Children must be accompanied at all time. Ability to attend the parade on the afternoon 1st September is essential.

Workshops on Blackburn Market
Saturday 24th- Saturday 31st August  

Jessica Rost, the artist who created Spinning Jenny ( sadly lost in the fire) for our winter parade in 2018, is back! She will be based on Blackburn Market and will be creating a Giant Ark out of recycled materials. 
Join her every market day from 10am-4pm to help lend a hand.
Children must be accompanied at all times.

On Friday 30th and Saturday 31st we have Parade Craft sessions also on the market, where you can create and easy item to bring to the parade, and carry alongside the Ark.
There will be an update next week as to what exactly is being made.

Flag Making Residency 

We are excited to announce that with funding from the Arts Council, we not only have a Resident artist on the market making the Ark, but we also have a resident artist who will be based at The Bureau to make a series of flags for us for site decor. There will be chances for people to join in with this as well…. details are being firmed up right now, so look out for updates.  

Big Build Week- Sneak Peek of what we made! 

With help from artists, volunteers, members of the public and a great group of young people from the NCS Team Ward, last week, 
we created a giant Black Rhino- recently extinct in the wild, ( in progress in the photo above) a Green Man and a mystery beast…..

If you missed this, you can still make a costume of your own. We are also looking for people to help carry some big structures in the parade. Please get in touch if you feel you can handle a Rhino, a Mammoth, a Polar bear, an Ark or a Green Man. This is a job best suited to adults and older teens.

Please book for dance, big build, stilt walking and circus skills here:

Costume making sessions are on a drop in basis and open to all.

How to find us!
We have had a bit of confusion from people as to where we are, so here is a photo of our new home, along with The Bureau Centre for the Arts.
We are now based on Penny St, opposite the job centre. The building still has the signage from the Thwaites Training and Visitors Centre, but will soon be being changed.Parking is pay and display on Penny St, or Brown St car parks.
We are less than 200 yards from the bus station.

You may need to phone from the entrance to get access.

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